Surfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an Island surrounded by surf and sand thus it’s no surprise that it abounds with activities such as surfing, jet skiing, snorkelling and whale watching.

In this article we will be looking at the surf scene in Weligama and other nearby destinations along the southwest coast of the country and grading them according to their overall difficulty.


Weligama abounds with surf destinations and is peppered with surf schools and rental outlets along its three mile or five kilometre long stretch of beach where you can get lessons from Rs.2,000-3,500 per day.

One can also rent boards of various sizes and qualities as desired on an hourly or daily basis at various prices accordingly. Therefore it is not necessary for one to plan ahead regarding surf gear. You can simply come to Weligama and rent a board.

Weligama, translated "sandy village", has a beach break which is consistent all year round with a lot of swell but is best between the month of October and April. The Weligama wave is long and can accommodate many surfers at once which is why it is known as the best beginner wave in Sri Lanka. There are many peaks as well making it an ideal location for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

Treasure Island – Beginner

This is an island in Weligama with a low power wave which is a beach break and is an excellent place for beginners to go to during the season when the Weligama beach is too rough. It is good to keep a look out for coast bound catamarans.

Midigama Rams Right – Advanced

Rams gets its name after the famous Rams guest house which is a popular destination amongst surfers. Rams right is a great place to get barrels with high powered waves averaging 5 feet. There are some lefts as well and it breaks over the shallow reef. Thus it is recommended only for advanced surfers.

Midigama – Lazy Left- Intermediate

This left hander is more of a slower wave with a reef break albeit deeper than at Rams right and good to cruise along which makes it ideal for intermediate surfers and beginners who wish to attempt a reef break for the first time. It is a short way up (90-120 metres north) from Rams point.

Mirissa – Beginner/Intermediate

The picturesque beach of Mirissa has a reef break with both left and right handers and swells can be up to 6 feet. However it is good to check what the tide is like, as during low tide the break over the reef can be very shallow. It is a 10 minute drive from Weligama.